Michelle Hargreaves is an ICF Certified Professional Coach and Facilitator with Hargreaves Company Inc. and Co-Founder of The Alignment Project.

As a seasoned executive, Michelle brings her business acumen to the coaching arena and works with leaders and their teams on reaching their full potential.  Michelle has been working in the field of coaching and leadership development since 2003.  Her 20+ years of business experience includes marketing and business development, sales leadership, coaching and consulting roles within the corporate, government, non-profit and private sectors.  Prior to coaching, Michelle spent 12 years in the hospitality industry as a member of the executive team and Director of Sales for Hyatt Hotels, Delta Hotels and Telus Convention Centre. Additionally she was recognized as a sales leader in medical, insurance and B2B industries.Michelle has coached leaders at all levels of the organization effecting behavioural change and impacting bottom line results.  Her areas of strength include leadership presence and brand development, resilience, communication, emotional intelligence, difficult conversations, team development and building trust.

“My philosophy and coaching style is holistic, objective and whole hearted. I truly believe that we all have the capacity for success; it is our decision to excel, commitment for excellence, self awareness, resilience and intrinsic desire to interact and connect with others that fuels our achievements. As a coach, I take the time to understand my client’s development needs, a process that includes assessment of strengths, gaps, beliefs and perspectives and insight into the culture in which they live and work. Equally important is an understanding and alignment of their why and personal success criteria for coaching, the goal is to align talent with desired results. Coaching is about expanded thinking and unlocking an individuals potential to maximize performance and to enhance their overall well being. Coaching has allowed my clients to find clarity and balance, confidence and renewed energy, a heightened sense of self, flexibility for change and ability to challenge the status quo, continually raising the bar through personal accountability for their own development. As a coach, I bring an insightful and intuitive style and an entrepreneurial spirit to the coaching partnership. My belief in others and authentic way helps to engage leaders, in their work and lives in a deep and powerful way.”

Business Expertise:

  • 20 + years’ business development and business leadership experience.

Coaching/Facilitation and Consulting Experience:

  • 14 years coaching / consulting experience in the following sectors; Energy, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, B2B, Retail, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Not for Profit, Government, Hospitality and Tourism, and Construction.
  • 200 leaders coached with over 2500+ hours of coaching




“Michelle is an excellent Executive Coach; her ability to zero in on my key issues was incredible. Michelle helped me to finesse my communication skills and prepared me to engage in necessary and difficult conversations. Working with my team, she was able to turn a talented yet dysfunctional team into a high performing group.”

~ VP, Land
Oil & Gas Company

Michelle is very open, warm, engaging, attentive and respectful of her clients. She aligns Executive Coaching with real business issues and objectives.These traits make her stand out in spades above other professional coaches that I have had the privilege of working with.”

~ VP, Project Management
Electricity Transmission Company